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Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
Benefits of the Flux Energy Sun Dial

Soft Environmental Footprint
No steam or out gassing.
No water usage for cooling.
Above ground raised Mirror Array for <2% ground impact of the land area.  
The mirrors move and allow every portion of ground to receive daily sunlight
Suns heat is returned to the environment it was intended for.

Technical Advantage
    The fun and proprietary parts of the design are that the mirrors are on carts which roll along a concentric rail set.  The rails are made of pipe, which also
    circulate coolant and compose a giant radiator basin for heat rejection.

    In Solar Energy Systems, the suns energy is intercepted which would have struck
    the ground and is ultimately necessary for the eco system of the land. In the Sun
    Dial design, the heat is just borrowed.

    The mirrors intercept it, and send it to storage, via the central receiver.  The heat
    exchanger and turbine convert the heat into electricity and then reject the excess
    heat back into the collection basin.

    For every 5 units of gathered energy, 1 unit is converted to electricity, and 4 units
    are returned to the eco system.

Local Jobs
Construction contracts will be awarded to General Commercial Contractors local
to the site of installation for skilled labor.
Mirror Cart assembly provides ~3000 Direct Labor Hours per Megawatt of local
Unskilled Labor.

Domestic Product
    Materials, Components, assemblies, sub-assemblies and resources used in the
    Sun Dial are commonly available and are 100 % domestic American source.

High Thermal Concentration
    The high concentration of solar energy produces high grade thermal energy, in
    excess of 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit, which yields higher efficiencies and allows
    for the use of standard power plant steam turbine generation technology.

Single Thermal Storage Tank
    Single Tank Design reduces the cost for a second storage tank of equal size, as
    well as the tall structure becomes part of the Flux Receiver Tower, thereby
    creating a cost savings overlap.

Peak Cosine Efficiency
    The Proprietary Flux Gathering Array Design maximizes Cosine Efficiency,
    providing 25% more daily yield per square foot of mirror area verses traditional
    heliostat systems.

Minimized Heat Trace
    Expensive Insulated Piping and Interconnect is almost non existent with the Flux
    Sun Dial design, for all critical heat paths.

    In the Heat Collection loop, with the receiver located at the top of the Thermal
    Storage Tank, there are no piping requirements to transport the molten thermal
    medium across distance.

    In the Steam Power loop, a Heat Exchanger / Boiler is located at the base of the
    Thermal Storage Tank, drawing directly from its top layer to superheat the steam
    which directly drives the turbine bank and is immediately condensed into the
    condensing unit, at the exhaust ports of the turbine bank.

Automated Nightly Cleaning and Inspection
    Integrated mirror cleaning and inspection system operates nightly to prep the
    entire mirror array for each new dawn.

    Within each row of mirrors, located at the Polar North position, is a mirror
    cleaning system.  While the mirrors travel from the Eastern most evening
    position, back to the Western most Sunrise position, they pass the clean station
    like a waterless drive through car wash.

Reduced Land Cost
    The Sun Dial employs a proprietary “Dry Air Condensing System” for Rankine
    Cycle heat rejection.  In this design, no water is necessary, which allows
    placement on land which is lower in value.

Construction Simplification
    The Sun Dial,100% domestic product and labor, by design is composed of
    components and elements which are prefabricated or off the shelf, making the
    construction phase primarily a composition of expedient assembly and installation.
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