About Our Business

Flux Energy GS (Flux), located in the Solar Valley of Phoenix Arizona, builds Cost Effective, Turn Key, Solar Power Plants
from 10 to 100 Megawatts (1,500 to 15,000 homes) with a competitive price point, which operate day and night, called the
Sun Dial™.

These plants are based on design and proprietary technology developed by Flux.  Innovation of the
Sun Dial™ draws from
the best in proven technologies, adapted and blended to yield an environmental friendly, cost effective, renewable energy
power plant using concentrating Solar Thermal Technology, which employs a concentric solar flux gathering array, central
receiver tower, energy storage and waterless heat rejection.

As a result of the energy concentration factor in the
Sun Dial™ design, very high grade heat is conveyed to the Thermal
Storage Medium, enabling the use of standard, high efficiency components in the power block, as with a coal fired power

For reliable and uninterrupted operation, the Power Block is designed with redundant components in the heat exchanger /
boiler, Steam Turbine and Generator.
The Sun Shines
It is the endeavor of Flux Energy to reward its clients, investors and employees with long
term growth and healthy dividends by building a company which springs from the
"Sunrise" of the Renewable Energy industry and grows into a world dominant provider,
offering an unmatched "U.S." borne solution for the RE-Powering™ of the world.
flux energy gs
Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
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About Us

We believe that all people have an equal right to opportunity and self reliance.

Our intention is to un-tether the infrastructure of traditional society and create freedom.

The Sun Dial™ is our offering to provide renewable energy which is gathered from the sun's rays and stored to provide
community power, night and day.

A Sun Dial™ simply inhales sunshine and exhales power.