Natural . . .  A Solar Oasis
A Sun Dial™ simply inhales sun and exhales
power on demand, day and night.
Sun Dial
flux energy gs
Community-Scale Solar Power, day and night
Sun Dial
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Superior Performance

Environmentally Kind
No water consumption
24 hr / 99.99 % Uptime
Minimal disturbance
No exhaust
Self Sustaining
Heat replacement
Automated Cleaning

more benefits
Building Communities

Our vision is to unplug
communities of the world from
utilitarian supply and create
We believe in the empowered community
Commercially Ready

The Sun Dial™ is our offering for
an independent energy source,
which is gathered from the sun's
rays and stored, to provide power
on demand, day and night.
Advanced Design

Our technology strikes forward
and is the first of the next kind.
Offering redundant elements,
fault tolerance and hot service.
Managed Power™
Unlike unmanageable "Use it or lose it" PV power, the Sundial provides Managed power™ which can be
configured as Base-load, Peaking, Stabilizing or Islanding delivery to satisfy the next power evolution,
distributed.   When Net Metering wears out in the USA, Managed Power will become more in demand. In
other corners of the world, for community scale, Managed Power is already a requirement.